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# Configuration for the usb_modeswitch package, a mode switching tool for
# USB devices providing multiple states or modes
# Evaluated by the wrapper script /usr/sbin/usb_modeswitch_dispatcher
# To enable an option, set it to "1", "yes" or "true" (case doesn't matter)
# Everything else counts as "disable"
# Disable automatic mode switching globally (e.g. to access the original
# install storage)
# Disable check for MBIM module presence and configuration globally (to aid
# special embedded environments). Available as per-device parameter
# 'NoMBIMCheck'
# Enable logging (results in a extensive report file in /var/log, named
# "usb_modeswitch_<interface-name>" and probably others
# Optional increase of "delay_use" for the usb-storage driver; there are hints
# that a recent kernel default change to 1 sec. may lead to problems, particu-
# larly with USB 3.0 ports. Set this to at least 3 (seconds) in that case.
# Does nothing if the current system value is same or higher
# If the configuration for your Huawei modem uses the standard switching method,
# you can globally set an alternative method here which provides a different mode:
# either plain serial PPP (for older modems) or NCM which integrates nicely
# with recent Linux distributions, possibly avoiding configuration through a
# modem built-in web page. All other modems are not affected.
# Available as per-device parameter 'AltHuaweiMode'